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  1. Bar No 3

    Bar No 3

    Price From: $7.50

    A very smooth blend - ideal for espresso. Tends to be a favourite with coffee lounges and restaurants. Features a mild nutty flavour, possessing a sweetness that one finds hard to match. Learn More
  2. Vasquez


    Price From: $12.50

    A bright, sweet, complex & very clean flavour. Floral caramel tones are the first to hit the tongue & are quickly followed by & balanced with a very tasty cocoa undertone. Medium bodied, very rich & smooth. A cup to impress anyone. Organic beans from Honduras. Learn More
  3. DKY


    Price From: $8.00

    Rated as one of the best coffees of the world. Floral with a subtle chocolate undertone. A true French roast. Single Origin from PNG Learn More
  4. Boquete


    Price From: $12.50

    The Bordeaux of coffee. Volcanic ash enriches the soil. Has a clean, consistent, soft citrus, & is delicately balanced with a caramel, toasted almonds sweet aftertaste. Single Origin, Organic coffee from Panama. Learn More
  5. Barahona Single Origin

    Barahona Single Origin

    Price From: $12.50

    A high-grown coffee of the Dominican Republic, It is considered to be the finest of the country’s gourmet coffees. Learn More
  6. Kona


    Price From: $18.75

    Single origin organic coffee grown in volcanic soil on the northern island of Hawaii. 100% Kona. A unique and full bodied taste with rich aroma producing a delicate coffee. These chestnut brown beans are covered witth very little oil - The perfect roast to bring out characteristics of Kona coffee for the Makapuo plantation Learn More
  7. Italian



    A typical Italian gem. a moderate strength with sweet undertones. Medium flavoured . Learn More
  8. Nicaragua


    Price From: $11.50

    Nicaraguan coffee beans are prized for their perfume with a delicate acidity, while the after-taste is pleasantly rounded. Learn More
  9. Velluto


    Price From: $9.50

    Beautifully balanced with soft chocolatey undertone. Smooth palate - A slight bittersweet palate reminiscent of a mild dark chocolate aftertaste. Learn More
  10. Supremo


    Price From: $10.25

    Colombian Supremo coffee is grown high in the Colombian Andes and is famous for it's smooth pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones and rich medium to full body. SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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