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  1. Friis Coffee Vault (storage container)

    Friis Coffee Vault (storage container)


    Available In Red Black,Stainless Steel Coffee, once roasted, continuously gives off CO2 gases. These gases, when trapped in traditional storage canisters, steal the flavour and diminish your coffee experience. The Coffee Vault protects the flavor by eliminating these flavour damaging CO2 gases through a patented valve built right into the Coffee Vault. Learn More
  2. Zyliss All Purpose Shears

    Zyliss All Purpose Shears


    Perfect for cutting poultry, slicing dough, trimming vegetables, or snipping herbs, the Zyliss All Purpose Shears are a multi-tasking tool, essential for every kitchen. With heavy duty stainless steel blades and a spring-assisted grip, the Zyliss All Purpose Shears tackle the toughest jobs with minimal effort. Heavy duty stainless steel blades stay sharp for long lasting use Notched blade with micro-serrations cuts poultry bones and prevents slipping Integrated box cutter on handle breaks tape on sealed boxes Blades come apart for easy cleaning Shears lock for safe storage Dishwasher safe Learn More
  3. Zyliss Kitchen Scissors

    Zyliss Kitchen Scissors


    Use the all purpose Zyliss Kitchen Scissors to cut through all types of kitchen and household items, including food packaging. Heavy-duty 2mm stainless steel blades slice through dough, trim vegetables and snip herbs to make quick work of food prep. Comfortable soft touch handles offer a secure grip and are designed to make any task easy on the hand. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades easily cut through foods, flowers or packaging materials Ergonomic handles are outfitted with soft touch grips to ease the task of snipping and cutting Handy box cutter in handle breaks tape on sealed boxes to keep sticky adhesive away from shears blades Blades can be resharpened Available in red and green Learn More
  4. Zyliss The Right Scoop Ice Cream Scoop

    Zyliss The Right Scoop Ice Cream Scoop


    Available in Green,Pink,Blue Perfectly balanced with a superior scoop shape, the award-winning Zyliss Right Scoop Ice Cream Scoop handles even the hardest of ice creams with minimal effort. With an ergonomic handle and built-in thumb rest, the Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop makes serving up ice cream a treat! Perfectly balanced, weighted design for fast and easy scooping Award-winning design cuts through hard ice cream or sorbet with ease Does not contain chemical anti-freeze agents Dishwasher safe Learn More
  5. Club Non-Stick Turner

    Club Non-Stick Turner


    Teflon Non Stick Turner Learn More
  6. Club Non Stick Spoon

    Club Non Stick Spoon


    Teflon Non Stick spoon Learn More
  7. Club Non Stick Spaghetti Fork

    Club Non Stick Spaghetti Fork


    Non Stick spaghetti fork teflon Learn More
  8. Zyliss Spiraliser

    Zyliss Spiraliser

    Regular Price: $25.75

    Special Price: $20.00

    Make quick courgetti or create superfood salads with the Zyliss Spiraliser, an easy way to add texture and colour to your cooking. The reversible blade on the base unit creates both spirals or ribbons without leaving any food waste. The unique food pusher keeps hands away from sharp blades and makes spiralising effortless. When finished, simply release your hold of the base unit and the food pusher can be easily removed and ready to clean. Learn More
  9. Pizza Tray Aluminium

    Pizza Tray Aluminium


    Aluminium Pizza trays commercial grade Learn More
  10. Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press

    Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press


    Zyliss didn't just invent the garlic press, they've spent 60 years turning it into a model of perfection. This may very well be the best garlic press money can buy! To use, simply place your garlic into the hopper - skins and all - and squeeze. Ergonomic handles maximise your power while the unique plunger design maximises your yield. The pulp and the juice come out through the screen while all the unwanted bits get left behind. Zyliss garlic presses clean up easily and are dishwasher safe. Compact design for easy storage. Brightly coloured, brilliantly designed, and always affordable, Zyliss kitchen tools are Swiss innovation at its finest. All Zyliss are backed up with a 5-year limited warranty. Learn More

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