The best-tasting and freshest brew is coffee that has gone from the roaster to the cup as soon as possible.
Coffee is a perishable food –Its peak flavor has a short life span, and will diminish with time.

We roast to order.
We roast only enough to fill each day's orders from our store and our customers.
We don't "stockpile" roasted beans as many other companies do.

We blend by hand.
We hand blend all are coffees to order. As each customer order is processed, blending occurs prior to dispatch.


We grind prior to dispatch.
If the customer’s order requires us to grind for a specific or differing brewing methods, the grinding process is completed prior to packing and dispatch. We do not store ground coffee in any shape or form.

All Orders Are Prepared For Shipping Within 24 hours.
We deliver our coffee from our roasting plant to our customers in days --not months.

We guarantee freshness, no matter how you order your coffee selection.
Whether you order through the Web, by phone or fax, or in our stores, we promise your coffee will be fresh.


caffebianchi’s reputation as a roaster of fine coffees is based on our blends. To create a blend we combine and marry what is best in coffees from different origins to create the bold, distinctive tastes that have become our customer’s favorites.

The Art of Blending
Audie and Angelo, the coffee buyers, master roasters and blenders for caffebianchi’, apprenticed over 25 years to become what they are. Their craft requires extensive knowledge and expertise, not to mention patience and intuitive grasp of the interplay of a wide variety of flavours.

No "Blender" Beans
A "blender" in the coffee trade is a neutral coffee, to which modest amounts of more flavourful coffees are added to produce a satisfactory cup. At caffebianchi, we only use coffees in our blends that have something extraordinary to contribute to the final cup - an aroma, a texture, a flavour.

Cold Blending
The quality of a blend is affected not only by the type and proportion of beans that go into it, but also by how those beans are combined and when. Green beans of different size and density require different roasts to bring out their best, so to make sure of the fullest flavour we take the extra time to roast them separately, blending them after a proper proportion of aeration time and cooling (noting that roast coffee continues to cook for quite a while after)

Roasted by Hand in Small Batches
Roasting the green bean creates the depth and complexity we fundamentally love in the flavour of coffee. As it absorbs the dry heat from the roaster, the green bean changes composition as complex chemical reactions occur. It changes colour and density, and aromatic oils are forced to its surface as the water in the bean evaporates.

Skilled Artisans
There is no formula which drives a caffebianchi’’s roast, instead it requires the complete involvement of the roaster. Roasting is an art as much as it is a science. Roasters are constantly adjusting the heat and speed of the roast using smell, sight, taste and sound to judge, using their senses and their experience to bring out the full acidity, body and flavour that the green bean will allow.

Roast to Taste
The Roaster at caffebianchi’ is a professional taster. Many variables affect each roast. Only a highly trained palate can discern flavour differences and make adjustments for the desired results. To guarantee quality and consistency, caffebianchi’s roasters constantly sample the coffees they have roasted, and adjust as they go, making sure the roast tastes right every time.

We deep-roast our coffees, carefully and thoroughly bringing out the body and fullness of the bean to best complement its origin character. This requires a keen understanding of the rhythm of the roast and coffee and the confidence to push the roast to just the right moment. We roast to maximum taste, not colour.

We only Blend to Demand
Because roasted coffee slowly loses its vitality over time, we do not hold stock of our roasted beans for any length of time. We roast several times a week and only blend after an order is placed, so that when the beans reach the customer they are as fresh and as flavoursome as possible. caffebianchi’starts the day, by looking over the orders that have come in our retail, wholesale and on-line customers. The roasting and blending are planned as to which coffees will be batch roasted, which roasting machines can be used and how to balance single-origin roasting versus blends.

Our Goal: Shipped Within 24 Hours
The entire caffebianchi team works fluidly to accomplish one goal - to ensure that our coffee is hand-crafted to the highest quality and then prepared for shipping within 24 hours from order.