Coffee FAQ


We differ from other coffee sellers in five main ways:
1. Our coffee buyers select only the finest green coffees from around the world.
2. We deep roast each coffee individually in a single-batch roasters.
3. We only ship freshly roasted and handblended coffee to our mail order customers.
4. In our store, we only sell freshly roasted and handblended coffee to our customers.
5. There are no preservatives and added ingredients in our freshly roasted coffees..

What's your darkest, richest coffee?
Do you sell flavored coffees?
Do you have any light roasts?
Do your deep roasted coffees contain more caffeine than other, lighter coffees?
What is the difference between water processed and direct contact decaffeination?
Do you sell any Fair Trade coffee?
How should my coffee be ground for the best results?
How will my order be packaged?
How should I store the coffee?
Should I grind only what I need to use?
If I'm using a French press, how long should I wait before pouring the boiled water?
Would Caffé Bianchi grind my beans?
How is Caffé Bianchi's coffee decaffeinated?
Is it alright to keep my coffee in the freezer?