Handling & Storing Coffee

Handling & Storing Coffee

The art of making and savouring speciality Italian coffees is steeped in tradition and ritual. Care must be taken with your coffee beans at home to ensure this taste sensation.
Here are a 6 major factors, you've got to get right, to achieve the ultimate coffee taste experience:-

Brewing Unit:

Ensure that your brewing unit (whether it is a French press or Cappuccino machine) is regularly cleaned and operating effectively.

Fresh Beans:

Make sure that you are using quality fresh beans. Coffee beans do not improve with age (like wine). The fresher the beans are, the more fragrant and flavourful the cup.

Grind Coarseness:

Grind ONLY those beans that you plan to use. The fresher the grind, the more flavour and aromatic the brewed cup will be. If, however, you do not have access to a grinder then store your ground coffee in an airtight glass container away from moisture and light, when not in use. IMPORTANT! The coarseness of the grind must be correctly selected to suit the brewing unit you will be using. The various recommended levels of grinds are :- VERY FINE (for turkish style coffee), FINE (for use in cappuccino machines), FINE to MEDIUM (for use in drip filters), Medium (for use in stovetop espressos), MEDIUM to COARSE (for use in Plungers or the French Press).


Ensure that the water is clean, fresh and at room temperature ---- filtered or bottled water is a plus.


Ensure that the right dosage of coffee to water is used. That is to say, putting more coffee does not a strong brew makes - you may achieve certain undesirable characteristics such as bitterness, tart and tangy, etc.


Needless to say, that if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed you will never achieve a good cup of no matter how hard you try. Relax and enjoy the experience for only then will you be rewarded.